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Fast Food on a Diet

Healthy Fast-Food Salad

There are times when you're on the go and hungry, and fast food is unavoidable. The good news is that you CAN make smart choices at a fast-food restaurant without taking in an obscene number of calories. Just follow these Hungry Girl tips 'n tricks... 

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    How to Make Healthy Low-Fat French Fries

    Everyone loves French fries, but a medium order at a fast-food restaurant has an average of 400 calories and 20 grams of fat! Diet-friendly recipes are an absolute must. Here's everything you need to whip up your own guilt-free fries at home...

    Frozen Yogurt Guide for Dieters

    Everyone loves frozen yogurt, but don't be fooled into thinking it's automatically a better choice than ice cream. To keep your frozen-yogurt order guilt-free, arm yourself with knowledge... like these tips and tricks!

    How to Make Healthy "Fried" Food

    Think crispy onion rings, fried chicken, and jalapeño poppers have to be high in fat? Not if you have the right ingredients, tools, know-how, and recipes! Learn how to make diet-friendly "fried" food in the comfort of your own home...

    Low-Carb Ways to Satisfy a Pizza Craving

    Everyone loves pizza, but those carby calories from the crust can really weigh you down. These low-carb crust alternatives will save you hundreds of calories!

    Best Diet-Friendly Ways to Kick a Chocolate Craving

    Looking for a low-calorie chocolate fix? Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has recipe ideas and product finds to feed your chocolate cravings!

    Filling Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss or Maintenance

    A satisfying morning meal is essential for anyone looking to lose weight or maintain their weight. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has five incredible breakfast concepts to start your morning right!

    What to Order When Dining Out: Best & Worst Restaurant Choices for Dieters

    Heading out to eat, but don't wanna wreck your diet? You need this restaurant survival guide so you'll know what to order!

    Low-Calorie Smoothie Ideas

    Looking for light smoothie recipes and ideas for blended beverages? Read up on the best ingredients: from juice drinks to frozen fruit to sugar-free sweeteners!

    How to Bulk Up Your Portion Sizes with Veggies

    Want to double the serving size of your favorite dish without doubling the calorie count? These super-sizing veggie ideas are here to help!

    Healthy On-the-Go Snacks (Emergency Snacks)

    Plenty of foods are both diet friendly and great on the go... Keep some of these grab-n-go snacks handy at all times!

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